Avian & Exotic

Pet Care

Are you passionate about birds, ferrets, pocket pets, lizards and snakes? We are, too!

Pocket Pets

Girl Holding Hamster Our team of veterinarians has extensive experience caring for exotic animals. We will advise you on the best nutritional program for your pet and provide preventative and the specialized medical services your little loved one deserves.


Sun Conure We pride ourselves on having some of the best avian vets in New Jersey, equipped to treat everything from canaries to hawks. We understand the species-specific and individual care each bird needs. Whether you are coming in for a comprehensive examination or for an emergency, our 25+ years of avian experience ensures your feathered family member receives the best in veterinary care.

Reptiles and Amphibians

Spotted GeckoReptiles and amphibians love the treatment they receive here at the Animal Clinic of Morris Plains. Comprehensive examinations are necessary for your special, scaly ones. We are well versed in common diseases, nutritional and environmental counseling for the care of your cold-blooded comrades.

Small Farm Animals

Caring for Small Farm Animals Like Jim the PigWe love our small farm animal friends! We routinely see pigs and goats come through our doors for the specialized care their owners can expect from our clinic. Nail trimming, examiniations, vaccinations, and nutritional counseling are just a few of the areas we take on daily.

Other Critters

Tarantula on Vet's ArmWhat haven't we seen come through our doors? From tarantulas to fish, we have vast experience in all areas of medical care for unconventional creatures. Our ability to accommodate and care for so many species sets us apart, and ensures our clients' faith in our comprehensive medical abilities. If you have an unorthodox family member, give us a call!

Special Exotics Room

Special Room for Exotic AnimalsWe have a special, climate-controlled room dedicated to the comfort of exotic animals. We designed the room to be across the hospital from our other boarders because we understand that our exotic friends need their peace and quiet. Feel free to give us call, contact us below, or stop on by to inquire about our exotic boarding arrangements.
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